2 Comments to “Evolution and Revolution – The History of the Vape Industry”

  1. You shared the excellent information about the new technology alternative to cigarette comming in the wold,If you are a smoker and wants to save your life from the disease of hart and lungs comming due to the use of burned tobacco cigarettes daily then the best solution for you must switch from cigarette to vape electronic device like a liquid cigarette and also help you to reduce the weight of your body because It works by heating a liquid to generate an aerosol that the user inhales Using e-cigarettes is called “vaping” they less harmful for the risk of health than using cigarettes or other burned tobacco products .The major side effect of electric cigarette is the use of water continuously during the using of vaping because your body must be hydrated ,So take care of you life and avoid the use of burned tobacco cigarettes because this a danger of life .

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